Corporate governance

Entero Energy is operating in South Africa as a company, properly constituted in terms of the South African law. Entero Energy strives to apply the test of fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency to the company, but is also responsive towards the company’s identified stakeholders.

A foundation of integrity

Entero Energy operates with integrity throughout the company – at all levels, in all countries, both internally and externally. Our purpose, values and principles are the compass we use to direct us in our daily practices. This is how we have succeeded in becoming a stable, reliable and trusted company serving our clients, employees and the communities around us.

Doing what is right – corporate social responsibility

Entero Energy is a responsible corporate social citizen. We do not only focus on the profit we make, but also on the people and the planet. We have a corporate social responsibility towards our clients, environment and the broad community concerning what we do as well as how we do it. We are using our experience, talent, financial resources and time to invest in the communities around us.

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