Service to the community & nation building

Entero Energy strives to promote the unity and well-being of the South African nation by respecting every person’s rights as entrenched by the constitution.

Personal conduct

Entero Energy and its employees always conduct themselves lawfully and responsibly by doing work that is honest, efficient and reliable. We shall exhibit integrity in the way in which we conduct ourselves.

Behaviour towards colleagues & customers

Entero Energy and its employees’ behaviour towards colleagues and customers shall always be of the highest standard and we shall treat all others with respect and dignity.

Security & trust

Our employees will always be honest in all their actions and work responsibilities and shall safeguard their workplace property and assets. We avoid any waste of materials with which we work.


Our employees will not get involved in any criminal activity and shall report all work-related criminal actions to their supervisors and managers or where relevant, and in terms of our policies to the relevant authorities.

Conflict of interests

Entero Energy’s employees shall not be party to anything that conflicts with the company’s duties, nor will they abuse their positions or those of others for unfair personal gain/benefit.

Acknowledgement of company policies & procedures

All actions of Entero Energy’s employees will be guided by the company rules, policies and procedures as contained in this document as well as those published on the Central Library as amended from time to time.

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