The South African electricity resellers are licensed by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). Part of their license agreement is to supply power of a good quality to their clients. The quality of supply is measured according to the NRS 048 specification. It is the responsibility of the supply authority to ensure that power is delivered according to this specification. However as a client you can influence the power quality in your local network. If you are found to be the cause for the poor power quality you can be held responsible to correct this.

At Entero Energy we are capable of conducting detailed power quality investigations according to the NRS 048 and are able to handle disputes with the local authority on your behalf.

We have a team of power quality experts trained by “Mr Power Quality”, professor Johan Rens of the North West University.

We make use of the latest South African technology in the form of the Impedo Duo and Vecto II produced by CT Lab. These instruments are GPS time synchronised to enable simultaneous measurement across different sites and are able to capture high resolution power quality data and process the data according to NRS 048 specifications.

The instrument allows us to view the power quality waveform in real time as seen below.

It also provides an in depth harmonic analysis at the point of measurement.

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