HVAC proposals require a comprehensive system audit and design for each specific area.

HVAC proposals can include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Normal DX AC system should be redesigned using proper Heat Load Calculation Results with a planned replacement or upgrade programme. Part of the redesign should include a PLC controlled economy cycle.
  • Properly designed fresh air Supply System with standardised equipment and filter selections should be implemented. Experience has shown that a well-designed FA supply system saves energy by virtue of the fact that people tend to not even start the various AC systems.
  • Installation quality of outdoor dx units to be upgraded to industry standards. Filter and condenser coil cleaning as well as insulation inspection recommended.
  • Chillers used for production cooling are old and inefficient and should be replaced.
  • In the open production areas, heat above gas spot heaters should be circulated by fans and evaporative cooling systems should be used in summer.
  • Existing not operational evaporative cooling and fresh air systems should be inspected and repaired.
  • Smoke exhaust design of various parts of the facility should be reviewed to ensure proper adherence to the SANS 10400 standard based on the building/area specific classification.
  • For large areas that do not require comprehensive summer cooling and winter heating systems, the correct placement of extract fans will realise a form of fresh air and assist with heat build-up in the summer.