A Compressed Air Installation is most probably one of the most inefficient installations in a factory environment which should be used only if there is no other alternative or specifical need for control systems, but not for just everyday compressed air availability in the factory. (Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Guide: CEATI)

Compressor system proposals can include, but is not limited to the following:
  • Identify and repair air leaks, starting with the biggest.
  • Measure and baseline your compressed air system to determine the operating costs and efficiency.
  • Operate compressed air system at the lowest practical pressure.
  • Install, adjust and maintain automatic system controls to coordinate operations of air compressors.
  • Turn off compressed air supply to zones, equipment and applications that are not operating.
  • Use a blower rather than a compressor where appropriate.
  • Use air receivers to reduce compressor cycling and respond to peak air demands.
  • Use larger diameter pipes and looped air distribution configurations where practical.
  • Maintain compressed air equipment, filters and drains at an appropriate level.
  • Constantly ask if compressed air is the best utility for the intended application.