Alternative energy entails additional methods to generate electrical energy, either independently, or in combination with the national grid. Alternative energy aims to provide energy security and thus creating long-term financial sustainability.

The generation of stand-by fossil fuel is partly an insurance policy that ensures reliable energy as opposed to its conventional generation.

At the same time, the capital investment in renewable energy generation is used to create long-term financial sustainability. Grid-tied, normal solar PV solutions are seen as a financial incentive that delivers a high return on investment. Ensuring maximum financial worth as present value is of paramount importance in determining the true return on investment.

Our designs are done in line with best practice of consulting engineers under the guidance of ECSA & CESA. We employ state of the art engineering software to help explore and find true and accurate energy-efficient results for all sites.

Energy (kWh) cannot be guaranteed through renewable generation, but improved performance of the system can. We include performance evaluation as well as conditions for penalties in our solutions, which is based on the performance of each system.

We provide the monitoring and maintenance of performance for our solutions, and can serve as EPC contractor or engineering consultant.